Why we are different

SwainBros believes in creating an exceptional experience from our first meeting until you receive your print order. You are important to us and we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service and products.

Shoot, copies, prints

We do not shortchange our clients by making them use multiple companies to handle their precious memories. We hand select the very best labs to work with so that your prints and products are just as exceptional as your experience. We take the time to make sure that your order is printed and fulfilled correctly and we are there 100% of the way to make sure that it is done right.


What lab do you use

We have a great partner in Miller’s who does exceptional work and believes that every print needs to be held to the highest standard just as SwainBros does. Our work goes hand in hand … literally, when we shoot a portrait we use our hands to make sure that from conception to post production (editing) that we hand select and hand tone every photo. When Miller’s gets the photo they re-hand tone the photo to balance the color based on their machines and then hand select the perfect print and review each one by hand before sending them off.


Is your pricing competitive?

We do everything we can to keep our pricing reasonable but with everything that is done to a photo, from toning to photoshop editing, to coloring to printing and packaging the price may be higher then something that is simply printed on an inkjet at a grocery or whole sale store. Throughout the year, we try to offer incentives and coupons to our customers to help with costs so make sure you sign-up so that you may receive them.


What is your process?

I would like to say it is simple, but that isn’t correct and we like it that way. We are artist at heart and giving us the opportunity to photograph events is a true passion. We will be there to take the appropriate photos shot in all different types of scenario’s, with off camera flash, different lenses, focal lengths, aperture settings.. you name it.. we do what we need to do to get the right shot. Usually the following day we move to ingestion of the photos into our photo processor. There we hand select each photo that we feel tells the right story, from there we hand tone each photo to make sure the brightness, contrast, exposure, levels, white balance are all correct. After that we look at each photo and look for ways of enhancing the image, either by the use of color or by cleaning up the image to remove any unwanted distractions. Once the photo is complete we move on to the next, once that collection is complete we look at the series of photos and make sure that we have chosen the right ones to tell the story. After that is complete we then upload them to our webserver for production. Once they are online, you will receive an email or text with the web link to your photos. Here is where we differ from other companies, once you find the photo that you want to print, you can go in and choose options such as materials, color, black and white or sepia, size and even cropping. Once you add the item to your cart and check-out our work begins again. Why? Because we will go back and recreate the image exactly how you want it printed, sometimes that involves removing objects, re-toning for the right printed material, adjusting the size and creating the perfect image for print. We then re-upload the correct image to our website where ou Lab goes and pulls the correct file and then re-tones the photo once more to format the colors to their printers and sends the image off to print. They hand review each print and check for quality defects then move the print off to packaging where the image will be packaged and sent out for delivery.  


We take the extra time because we love every single print that we do and want to stand out from the other prints on your wall because this is not just a job but a passion. We love you and we are not afraid to say it! If you have any other questions regarding our process please feel free to contact us