Whether we are planning a Commercial shoot or your wedding, SwainBros likes to take a little time to get to know our client and find out their expectations. We look for key words and phrases that start our way down developing your story such as locations, themes, looks and other characteristics that give us hints of creativity.

Here is a run down of what to expect when we meet:

1. First off we are organized but laid back, so expect some paperwork and a few laughs.

2. We believe that everything needs to be written down, even though we have super great memories we would hate to miss even the smallest detail.

3. We like contracts, almost as bad as Sheldon Cooper does... (Big Bang Theory). We don't do this for our protection but more for our accountability, if we said in the contract that we were going to do something, then darn right it is going to get done.

4. We like customization, who doesn't? If there is a way to create a more personalized experience for you then we are all in... We want our role to be unique to your situation.

5. How does the SwainBros handle multiple roles if contracted to shoot Photography, Videography, Sound (DJ), Emcee, Lighting. We do it by employing some of the best talent to join our team for your event. We scale according to your needs and budget.

6. What are your fees? Even though we took the time to create a structured fee list, we have yet to find the situation where everything the customer is asking for is on that list at that price. So our fees are really based on the needs of our services, time, locations, personnel, scale of event, equipment needed... all these are taken into consideration when pricing our work.

7. Do you work with people who are on a budget? Of course, and that is a very broad question because some people have a small budget and others will have a very large one. Having a budget helps us determine the amount of resources and services we can provide our client, some clients want to go to the moon while only having money for a cab fair to the end of the block. SwainBros will try our best to make our client feel like we took that trip even if only to the end of the block.

8. Do you want all the money up front? YES... lol But we know that this isn't always possible so we are flexible in several way..(ladies ;) )..cough.. cough... I mean we offer payment plans and we work with our clients but we like to make sure that all fees are covered and completed atleast 2 weeks prior to the event.

9. Are you insured? Yes, yes we are... we are insured by Hiscox Insurance.. (no that is not a joke, we get that all the time :/ ) We believe in protection...(sighhhh no way around that one) next question, next question.. moving on...

10. So back to this organization thing... Depending on the type of event and service you can expect that we will provide and request back a mini shot list of people that you would like us to capture in portrait style from the event and or a song list that you would like played at the event, (max 100, we'll take care of the rest) this just make this experience all that more customized.

11. How many pictures do you take? As many as required to tell your story correctly. We are not like other photographers that will actually limit the amount of shots taken at an event.... Nope... we will take an unlimited amount of shots or until we run out of SD Cards ... which ever comes first... This goes for events of any budget.

12. How many photos will I receive? This depends on the amount we discussed in the contract, now I am not going to lie... we are givers.. that number is usually the minimum amount ... again we are telling your story and if it takes a few extra photos to complete the story then we are going to make sure they are in there.

13. Are the photos that we received edited? Yes we call it "Post Processing" (It sounds fancier), which means, adjustments are made to the look of the photo which depending on the photo may include Photoshop. You may have just taken that Victoria Secret Super Model Pose and BAM.. fly lands on your nose right as the picture is taken ..... time to Photoshop that guy out of there... cause no one wants a fly on the nose shot... no one.. sorry fly.. no spot light for you..

So I think our first meeting went well? What do you think? Lets do it again in person this time... ready? If so contact us here.