You know... Your Wedding... Yep... Pretty BIG DAY

With all of the stress of making sure every pew is straight, every petal is correctly placed and all your guest understand what they need to do, the last thing we want is for you to get frustrated because no one discussed the needs of your photographer and or videographer, so we are going to lay it down ... right here ... in this zen place that you can read while listening to some calm and relaxing piano music. :) ahhhhh.....

1. Time Scheduling: When you are planning your Big Day we ask that you schedule time for the Photography to capture the following,

  • Hair and Makeup (30 Min. make sure permission is granted if at a salon)
  • Bride finalization (30 min. Solo Portrait)
  • Bride and Bridesmaid Portraits (30 Min.)
  • Groom finalization (30 min. Solo Portrait)
  • Groom and Groomsmen Portraits (30 Min.)
  • Entire Court Post Ceremony Portraits (15 Min.)
  • Parents of Bride and Groom w/ Couple (15 Min.)
  • Bride and Groom Portrait Session (60 - 90 Min.)

2. Permission: We touched on this in the first one but we will say it again... nothing more frustrating then walking into a salon or location and told that we can not shoot there.

3. Location Decisions: We are magicians with the camera .... but not time travel :( , please be aware of this when scheduling your post ceremony portrait session. P.S. We do love Sunset Cliffs and Bird Rock in San Diego too... We can always schedule a stand along portrait session at a later date.

4. Don't be camera shy: Besides the portrait sessions we really try to be as low key as possible, we want to see the true you in all the laughter, tears and emotions that your wonderful day will bring. This only helps us to tell a better story of your beautiful day.

5. Practice Makes Perfect: Sometimes you need a little preparation before the big day with working with a photographer; scheduling an Engagement session is a perfect way to get passed all those camera gitters. This also give you a better understanding of what to expect and build a deeper relationship.

See... that wasn't so bad now was it? We kept it short because we know you have a ton of other things you need to cover. So go on... get out of here... you got a wedding to plan, that is why you hired us... so that we can worry about this stuff and help capture your beautiful day to tell your story.